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The Arkansas Pharmacy Support Group helps pharmacy professionals who are fighting addiction. We know how to help, because we've been there. If you or someone you know has a problem, call:

The Arkansas Pharmacy Support Group HELP LINE
(870) 636-0923
(leave a message)
E-mail: Arkansas.PSG@gmail.com

If you need help right away, call the State Board at (501) 682-0190 and ask for the number of a Support Group member.

It's confidential. You don't have to identify yourself.

It's just for you, the pharmacy professional. The Help Line and support group are set up to help pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and other pharmacy professionals.

It's your decision. We'll answer your questions. You decide if you want our help.

The choices are all yours now. Don't wait until you lose control, and someone else decides the consequences.


Photography by Kevin Christensen and Lynn Bell of Media Services.